Moonset in Reno   Leave a comment

I read that the Moon is one of the hardest shots to get. I totally agree.

I don’t have expensive equipment nor do I use a tripod the majority of the time. Thats because I have learned over the last 11 years that there is a lot of decisions to be made before pressing the button. I did a lot of reading and “trial and error” experimentation.

The Moonset is the worst time to take a shot of the Moon for me, due to “atmospheric haze” here in Reno, as it lowers behind the mountains. It was the same when I was in California. I have found that most of the problems that I have, can be corrected in post-production. Just not “atmospheric haze”, so far. I must admit, most of my very good shots of the moon are still a complete mystery to me. I like to blame my shortcoming on my Moon shots on, I am getting older and my hands getting shakier. Probably not if I would just use my tripod. I am going to stick with getting older for now.

Older or not, I love doing it because it is so relaxing. Even when doing five miles or more. I will not be giving up, hiking or walking, any time soon. So there will be a lot more photos coming.

Thank you for stopping by to see my photos. Enjoy your coming week.  

Celebrate the Sunrise, Toast the Sunset and Enjoy everything in between!



Posted September 24, 2022 by Max Reynolds in Writing

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